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    2016 Branch Rally  (for Branch rally entry form 2017 see below)

    It was no longer possible to have our rally on the same day as the antique fair as that event had moved its outside stalls into the yard where we usually had our rally control and other sales areas. The alternative was to move back into the main area between the railway and building 21. The advantage of being there was, with all our vehicles in the same area, it did make the event much easier to control, rather than our marshals having to move from yard to yard. We were told that should we overflow the new area it would be OK to have some vehicles back in the old area. We picked a date in May (the third Sunday instead of the 1st) when it was looking very quiet and it seemed as though we might have the whole place to ourselves. However, this was not to be and we found out that a King of Britain, Elvis Tribute event would be in Building 21 over the week-end. Mick made contact with the organiser of this and it did seem promising that neither of us would be in the way of each other. As a final check we went over to Elsecar on the Saturday afternoon and although our area was well-filled with parked cars we were assured that they would not be there the next day. (One was abandoned after the previous night’s party, but it did get moved later on Sunday morning). What did concern us on the Sunday was the very wet weather, which produced great puddles all over the yard and the prospect did not look good for our event

    However, the Sunday morning dawned bright and clear and continued to be an excellent day which was quite a surprise as the weather at the time was very unsettled. By eight o’clock Barnsley branch members were on site erecting gazebos and setting out sales stalls. When Barrie had sent the entry passes (72 had pre-booked) entrants were asked to to try and be there before 10.00 am and there was a good response to this with only a small number of vehicles arriving after this time.

    The beautiful sky was darkened for a time as a steam locomotive was fired up (the amount of smoke seemed out of all proportion to the size of the loco) but it soon went into service taking trains (with some assistance from a diesel loco) down towards Cortonwood. There were two surprises, the arrival of the Little Owl catering (which had been arranged by Barnsley Museum service, not us) which meant we lost 6 car spaces & the unexpected appearance of Bruce Kelsey with the Marie Curie Marathon Minor – had we known we would have arranged a special display for this. The neighbouring Elvis event was not obtrusive, indeed you had to listen carefully to tell what was being sung, and I was told that this was of variable quality – exactly what you might expect in a competition.

    We finished up with 99 vehicles on site (26 less than last year) and these comprised of 66 Minors, 4 cars in the Morris display & 29 other classics. It was another terrific turn-out that we were very pleased with. Another surprise was when we came to count the votes. I had allowed half an hour for this but such was the huge number of voting forms that we were still counting 15 minutes after we had asked everyone to gather for the final ceremony . Mick introduced Bruce Kelsey who spoke for a while about the Marathon Car & then he asked Tom Ingall of BBC 1 Look North team to present the awards.

    Morris Minor Shield – Steve Lawson – 1951 MM Tourer

    Classic Car Trophy – Mick Kinghorn – 1972 Datsun 100A

    Special Display – Mr A G Butler – 1947 Morris 8 SE

    Long Distance Award – Iain McKenzie, from Tenbury Wells in a Land Rover

    Suddenly it was all over. Visiting cars streamed out of the Heritage Centre & the Barnsley members began packing things away with the comfortable feeling that their efforts had produced another excellent rally.

    Many Thanks to Barrie for this report (more or less as it appeared in our June newsletter)

    For a fantastic array of photos of all the cars present at our rally, see the Potteries branch website go to rally pictures, 2016, Barnsley Branch Rally. Many thanks to the Potteries Branch.

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    Branch Rally - sparesEach year we usually have a special display showing some other aspect of vehicle preservation

    • 1999 Was our first event with no special theme.
    • 2000 Classic Wedding Cars.
    • 2001 Historic Local Transport (mainly buses).
    • 2002 Caravans and Campers.
    • 2003 Ex Police Vehicles.
    • 2004 Classic Motor Bikes.
    • 2005 Military Vehicle Trust (unfortunately this display did not take place).
    • 2006 Morris Motors.
    • 2007 Minor Transport. (A special display of vans and pick-ups).
    • 2008 LCV’s
    • 2009 No theme.
    • 2010 Classic Bicycles
    • 2011 Classic American Cars
    • 2012 Morris Cars through the decades (Wortley Hall)
    • 2013 No theme – just a very well attended, excellent rally (Elsecar)
    • 2014 No theme – just a very well attended, excellent rally (Elsecar)
    • 2015 No theme – record number attended (125 cars), excellent rally (Elsecar)
    • 2016 No theme – just a very well attended, excellent rally (Elsecar)
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