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    Here’s a few frequently asked questions that first time entrants may find useful.

    It’s a 24 hour run. How fast do you have to go to keep on schedule?

    The run is approx 870 miles. To do this in 24 hours means an average speed of 36mph. This allows plenty of time for rest breaks and fuel stops without having to rush. Most people manage it in around 20 hours.

    What happens if I have a breakdown?

    Nearly all breakdowns can be fixed at the roadside. With the camaraderie on the run the chances are the car behind will stop and help, and if you need a spare, a phone call to the organisers may help as someone should have the spare you need. If all else fails its recommended that you should be in a roadside assistance/recovery organisation. It has been known for entrants to change a head gasket at the roadside, and someone else to be stuck for 3 hours with an electrical problem and still complete the run in plenty of time.

    What spares should I take?

    A list of suggested spares and tools will be sent out with the rally pack when you enter.

    Is there a set route?

    No you are free to choose your own route, though most people travel down the A9, M74, M6, M5, A30. A few people have down the run on A roads and avoiding motorways. Although this takes longer it is still very feasible in the time allowed. The only restriction on route is to call at the checkpoint at the Birmingham Morris Minor Centre.

    Are there any checkpoints on route?

    Yes. There is a rest break at the Birmingham Morris Minor Centre where you need to check in on route, which is slightly over half way, just off the M5, J2. Refreshments, spares and good company are provided here courtesy of Mike Lennon and members of the Shropshire Branch. Other than that you may stop as and when you feel the need!

    Do we drive in a convoy?

    Everyone leaves the start at John O’Groats at the same time so the run tends to start in a convoy. Some people travel together with friends, but generally the group gets spread out as people travel at their own pace.

    How many drivers can I have?

    Each car must have at least two drivers, to allow enough rest time. There no reason why you can’t have as many people in your car as it is legal to carry.

    My car hasn’t been on such a long run before. Is there anything I should do to prepare for the journey?

    Any well maintained healthy Morris Minor should handle the run fine. A good pre run check over and service is well worth it for peace of mind and you should be ok.

    What happens if I’m running late?

    Please let the organisers know if you’re having problems. As long as you’re still on the way, the reception committee at Lands End will be waiting for you with congratulations and refreshments.

    Can I raise money for charity?

    Of course. It is up to the individual entrant if they wish to raise money for a charity of your choice.

    How do I get to the start?

    Just drive in a Northwards direction! Depending where you start from, allow plenty of time to get to John O’Groats. Most people take 2 to 3 days to have a gentle run north, some even turn it into a short holiday around Scotland first. Ideally you need to be rested and relaxed before the start. It also gives time for any tuning and fettling your car may need. If you’ve got to the start ok, the run should be problem free.

    My Minor is still being restored. Can I do the run in another car?

    Yes. Other cars are welcomed. In the past we’ve had an Austin Healey Sprite, Triumph Spitfire and a Morris Ital. Other people have had friends follow them in a modern car as back up.

    Do many people drop out on route?

    Hardly ever. Only a handful of cars have failed to do the run in over ten years. Nearly all problems can be sorted out on route, and the vast majority of entrants have a trouble free run.

    Do I have to be in the MMOC?

    We’d expect most people with Morris Minors to be in the National Club, but the run is organised by the Barnsley Branch and anyone can enter.

    What happens after I’ve finished the run?

    Have a rest! Enjoy the tea and bacon sandwiches provide by the Barnsley Branch. Chat to fellow entrants as they finish the run. We normally have a ‘debriefing’ at 11.00am when all the cars should be in. You can then enjoy the attractions at Lands End, and join us if you wish for an evening meal at a nearby pub.

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